How do I combine multiple files to one PDF when one or more files has been digitally signed through Docusign?

MAC OS X. Docusign digital signatures.

Quinn Berg

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You can't edit digitally signed documents, and adding pages is a form of editing.


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By Gilad D (try67)   

If you have PDF documents digitally signed the only way to combine them preserving their signatures is to create a PDF Portfolio with Acrobat Pro.
You can do this going to menu File -> Create -> PDF Portfolio:

enter image description here

The PDF Portfolio will have each combined file attached to it, in an attractive interface, but it is a PDF with your PDF files attached to it.

You can try to combine your signed files to a single PDF, through File -> Create -> Combine Files to a Single PDF..., but the documents will loose their signatures (if signed by you). If you do that you get this message before:

enter image description here

Almir R V Santos   

What is the workaround? I need all my digitally signed pdfs to be one pdf each page signed. Portfolio does not allow this.

Robin McMahan   

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