How do I change fonts, etc in text box

I have made a text box and typed in it... It's big and red. Now I can't change anything in the text box. The Tools: 'add/edit text box' does nothing but bring up the typewriter tool. This does nothing to change the writing in the text box. So how do I actually edit the text in the text box?

Ashley Hall

1 Answer

If you are using Acrobat XI you should go to the tools panel and in content editing choose Edit text & Images tool, then just select the text you want to edit and in the right hand side you will be the dropdown menu with the fonts avalible.

In acrobat X you with the edit document tool, right click and properties, there you can change the font.

Note: if the fonts are embeded in the PDF document you will have to edit the content in Illustrator and then replace it in acrobat.

Carlos Isaac Martinez Batista   

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