How do I change the default target folder for PDF creation in Acrobat X Pro? Cool with regedit if needed.

C:\..'My Documents' default location does not work well for me.

Acrobat Edit>Preferences provides no means to set file path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE doesn't have an Adobe folder.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER Adobe Acrobat sections offer no readily visible clues.

Appreciate your help

Bruce Chitiea
SafeSectors, Inc.

Bruce Chitiea

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Hi Bruce ,

You can select a folder where by default acrobat will save all the files when you convert then into pdf using Adobe pdf printer , Follow the steps mentioned below

Go to Printers in Control panel
right click on "Adobe PDF " printer and go to "Printing preferences"
there is an option of "Adobe PDF Output folder " you can select any folder there ..

-- Tausif Ahmad

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