How do I calcuate a value as a difference in the text field properties? I am very new to this and don't know Java

New "parts" for has 7 columns across: Part number, description, unit price, quantity, extended price, discount %, line total. I can't find a way to get the calculation for the line total correct. If I multiply the entend price x discount = the discounted value (example price of $100; 10% discount, results in the line total of $10 instead of $90). Everyother item on the form works except this one. Thanks!

Jennifer Umbright

2 Answers

How are the fields set up? Do they have formatting? How are you executing the calculation?
Are there any error messages in the console?

Gilad D (try67)   

If you insist on using the no brain options, you can create extra fields to change the subtrahend value to its negative value (multiply by -1) and then add the negative value.

You could also use the Simplified Field Notation if the field names comply with the naming convention required by the simplified field notation and the subtraction operator, "-".

As a last resort you can use the custom JavaScript calculation.

The above assumes you are using Acrobat and not LiveCycle Designer.

George Kaiser   

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