How do I use Preflight to find conversion errors? pdf to pdf/a

In trying to convert from PDF to PDF/a (2005, 1b) using Acrobat XI PRO, at end of processing, there is error: "The document has been saved, however, it could not be converted according to the selected standard profile: Convert PDF/A. Please use Preflight with the profile "Convert to PDF/a" in order to identify those properties of the document which prevent it from being compliant to this profile."

How do I find the errors? Log? List?


Penelope Dudley

1 Answer

Open up the preflight tool (Edit>Preflight), and select the the appropriate profile in the Profiles tab, under the "PDF/A complience" heading (e.g. "Convert to PDF/A-1b") and click on the "Analyze and Fix" button.

Once the process is done, it will present you with a log of the conversion. The errors will be marked with a red X, you can expand those sections to get more information about what exactly caused the problem.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

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