How do I OCR a document using Adobe Acrobat DC?

I was told that instead of scanning documents using OCR-enabled equipment that I can use OCR technology in Adobe Acrobat. In fact, someone was trying to tell me how to do it, but apparently I didn't have the same Adobe Acrobat that she had. I have Adobe Acrobat DC, and I can't find anything specific that tells me exactly how to save a document with OCR capabilities. My agency requires all signed correspondence to be scanned using OCR technology for text readers. I can find nothing specific to this in Adobe Acrobat DC. Where do I go and what do I do?


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Having Pro you have OCR capability.

Tools > Enhance Scans
On the tool bar that presents use "Recognize Text".

Review the application's Help for OCR to learn about the types of OCR provided.

RE: "text readers"
Keep in mind that OCR is not 100%.
As well, OCR provides no punction, no "tables, etc.

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By David Austin   

"Adobe Acrobat DC" is the new marketing buzz for the Acrobat & Adobe Reader products.

It makes things rather confusing.

There is Reader (formally known as Adobe Reader) that is now Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

There is Acrobat Standard (Adobe Acrobat Standard DC).

There is Acrobat Pro (Adobe Acrobat Pro DC).

Sooo -- Reader is a PDF viewer. Reader DC provides the same Comment/Drawing Markup tools that are available with Acrobat Standard DC and Acrobat Pro DC.

BUT, unlike Acrobat Standard or Pro "Reader" cannot:

--| create PDF --| modify PDF page content --| export PDF page content

As well, Reader DC Does Not have the tools / features available in Acrobat Standard or Pro Reader is free. Acrobat Standard / Acrobat Pro are not free -- you must purchase the license then you can obtain and use the desktop application.

Reader provides no PDF Optimizer, no Preflights, no OCR, etc.

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David Austin   

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