Highlighting certain areas of a scanned pdf document

We are looking to start scanning paper documents into Adobe and would like to highlight certain text or areas of these pdf's. Can this be easily done so the original print is still viable? Ideally, we would like to be able to 'turn-on and turn-off' the highlights, as needed.

We are very new to Adobe, so please be as elementary as you can.


Steven Hood

3 Answers

You do not have text to highlight when you scan. What you have is a picture of the text. You first have to OCR the scan (Recognize Text in Acrobat X). They you can highlight the text. There is no global method to turn on and off highlights. But you can keep two copies of the text, one with highlights one without.

Michael Kazlow   

A Highlight is a Comment annotation.
Use Shift+Ctrl+8 to hide all Comments.
Use Ctrl+8 to show all Comments.

David Austin   

Even if the file has not been OCRed, you can still use other highlight tools, like the Square tool, to create a similar effect. It's more clumsy than the Text Highlight tool, but it will work with both images and "real" text.

Gilad D (try67)   

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