Hiding the formrouter.com's popup calendar

I'm very new to javascript and I'm using the popup calendar from formrouter.com. Is there anyway to hide the calendar on entering the page or leaving the page?

s jones

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There is a lot of code there, I know because I've modified it several times. The code itself predates the existance of FormRouter. But I have to say that they (or really he, it was Dave Conoorozzo) did the best variation on it.

If you look at the code on one of the date buttons and then trace the function calls backwards you'll find one named "FormRouter_ClearCalendar();" This will hide all the popup fields. Call this function on the page close event.

Here's a tutorial: http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/entering-page-actions

Thom Parker
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Thank you for the answer and tutorial. I will definitely watch the tutorial.


s jones   

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