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How do I increase the size of my signature when signing a document using my handwritten signature? I have created it and now when inserting it into a pdf document it is very small. If I try and increase the insertion area by dragging the field larger, the field covers up the area of the document that is being used for the field. Please advise. Thanks!

Victor Whang

2 Answers

Hi Victor,

How did you create the signature? Did you use the free Adobe Reader Place Signature tool, or did you scan your ink signature and create a custom stamp in Acrobat?

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

I was having the same problem as Victor. I scanned a normal sized sharpie signature (after signing on a full sheet of transparent overhead projector type film, I cut out excess film around the signature) as a pdf. Saved on desktop. Went to pages and cropped excess. Optimized the image in document processing. Used stamp feature to create new stamp, named it, saved it, used it as a stamp, then was able to re-size with selection tool. Signature comes out larger.


AtALoss NoLongerAtALoss   

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