Got Abode Reader X, now what ?

Teach me how to use it; first off, for an job application.

Philip Sindermann

2 Answers

Open the application. Open the PDF.
If there are form fields in the file, fill them in and save it.

That's all you can do with Reader.

Gilad D (try67)   

You need to download a form.

The form should have form fields. Move the cursor hand tool over a form field and the hand will change to an 'I" bar. Type in your information.

If the form has Extended Reader Rights, you will be able to save the form and email it as needed, if Extended Reader Rights have not been applied you will only be able to print the PDF.

If there are no form fields on the form, then you will need to use the typewriter comment tool to add text were form fields should have been. You can save and email or print with comments.

More information is in the Help menu option. You can also press the "F1" key for more information.

George Kaiser   

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