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Currently our organization creates PDF files for students to register for events, to supply information about their officers, to request housing for conferences, etc. These PDF files are posted on our website, where the student then downloads, completes by hand and mails back to the central office. We then have to re-key the information into other programs. We want to be able to create fillable forms and post them on the website where the student can complete online and Submit to us. Then we will want to be able to import the information into an Excel spreadsheet and/or Access database.
Can this be done using Adobe Acrobat X Pro? Are there any examples, tutorials performing this function on your website that might help describe the process we would have to perform?

John King

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Yes, using form fields. There's a LOT of information about this subject here, and elsewhere.
To sum it up, what you should do is:
- Create the form fields in your PDF using Acrobat.
- Apply the Extended Reader Rights so that the users (who I'm assuming will have Reader) can save the filled-in data.
- Distribute the file to the users and collect the responses. You should be aware that there are legal limitations, though, to the number of people who can submit a filled in form (500), unless you buy the right for more responses from Adobe.
- When you receive the filled-in files there's a built in function in Acrobat that will allow you to combine all of the data from all the files into a spreadsheet.

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