Are there any free NAV files for layouts in Acrobat X pro portfolios?

Im wondering if there are any other sites out there where people are kind enough to share their NAV files for different layouts in Acrobat X pro PDF portfolios?
I have found a very few but none of them are as i need them or i have tried them but when i fill them up with PDFs they start to bug and not work properly.
Also im not that talented enough to build my own and i dont have the time at the moment..

Would be much appreciated with some tips and ideas.

henk rolf

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Hi isker,

The only one I know of is run by Joel Geraci. Joel also published quite a lot on the technical details of creating a Navigator on his blog when he was an Adboe employee ( pdfdeveloperjunkie blog).

Adobe did thier best to get programmers excited about custom Navigators but I don't think they had many takers. And as you have found out there is a specific skill set required to develop them, so anyone who is doing this will most likely offer them for sale, not free.

Hope this helps,


By Dimitri Munkirs   

Oh i see.
Thanks for you fast answer.

I actually downloaded his Billboard layout and it fits perfectly to the purpose i wanna use it for and has all the information i need in the right place.
The only thing is that when i add and fill up the portfolio with PDFs after a while its starts to bug, so now that layout is useless..
Does portfolios seem to start bug when you fill them up with alot of content?
Im gonna fill up maybe 20 portfolios and each will land on abut 1-2GB each...
What im doing is creating libraries with graphic communication layouts (PDFs) so the recievers can just open the portfolios and see what is available instead of looking in three different places and click to open each PDF.
I dont know but are there any other simple and better ways or even other softwares for creating libraries in Acrobat that you can publish online and browse through easily? Like and EBook library kind of thingy..?
Even if the final portfolio tend to be that heavy?

henk rolf   

this is what it looks like. Very nice.
i choose the PDF i wanna view and then when i click the X to close...

...this big black bakcground pops up..
...and when i click that X to close...this shows up..??
I click on the blue:isch background and... turns into this...and this folder icon i cant get rid of...i have to close and restart everything. This happens everytime i try to view a PDF in the Billboard layout.
Does anybody know why this happens?
It does not happen to all PDFs, but alot of them.

Would be very happy if somebody knows how this can be avoided or fixed...


henk rolf   

Nobody?? Really?

henk rolf   

i'm with Henk...

everyone have the solutions?


Alessandro Pratelli   

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