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I'm using the latest version of Reader and Flash but keep getting the message "To view the Flash technology content of this PDF file, please install the required version of Flash Player" when trying to view a video in a PDF.
Can anyone help please?

Iain McClure

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Just checking but are you sure you have the latest flash player installed here?

The reason i ask, is that the flash player for Reader/Acrobat is completely different to the flash player that is used on a web page, as off from about a year ago. Reader now requires you to download a 'Separate' Flash player that is used to play rich media directly inside of a PDF.

Hope this helps?

By Sean Mitchell   

Hi Sean,
I didn't know that there are now 2 versions of Flash player. I have now installed the PDF Flash player and the video in the PDF file I have works.
Thanks for your help.

Iain McClure   

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