File size grows very large when digitially signed and grows each time it is signed - can this be prevented?

My form has 3 digital signature fields. When it is signed and 2 scanned PDFs are attached the file size naturally grows. However, when the 2nd and 3rd digital signatures are signed, the file grows much bigger, as if more attachments are being added. How do I prevent this from happening? The Original pdf form with a digital signature and 2 scanned files attached begins as a file size of 928 KB. I open the form to fill in PART II, only 5 simple fields (name, date, clearance) sign it, saved it and the file grew to 1.15 MB. Opened a 3rd time to complete PART III (fixed size comment field, name and date field0 signed and saved and file size grew to 1.38 MB. Parts II and III of the form are simple fill in fields like name, date and digital signature that fit on half a page. Why does the file grow so large each time it is digitally signed?

Bernadette Yu

2 Answers

The file size increases when signed because information is added to the PDF.
The extension of the file size growth will depend on some factors such as the signature appearance, which can use an image, additional signature information (reason, location, etc.), the key algorithm used, the digital ID type, and so on. If a detailed high resolution photo is used in the chosen appearance instead of a 2 color gif logo, the difference in the size increase will be big.
I have made some tests and the main factor affecting the file size after signed was the image used in the signature appearance.

Almir R V Santos   

For - Adobe 11

Go to edit>preferences>Signature.

select the 'creation' tab.

De-select 'Include signature's revocation status when signing'

This will solve your problem

Milind Pandey   

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