Extracting Pages retaining the page names from within the main PDF assigned by InDesign

Thanks in advance for looking at my question.

I'm running AcrobatX and InDesign(ID) V.8 from within CS6 Master Collection.

I have a PDF exported from InDesign using the Adobe PDF Presets, or the standard Export menu.

When the export is complete I have a PDF that has 229 pages all with different names that I gave to them in ID.

I wish to be able to extract the individual pages but have them retain the name that they have in the main pdf document, but what happens is they are all named with the main pdf documents file name and then numerically in order 0 thru 228 or it could be 1 thru 229. Then, I have to rename each file which is hugely time consuming.

Background on how I name them in case it matters, ID has a "Page Tab" menu and in the drop down lists menu item "Numbering & Section Options" a window appears which is called "page numbering" in this window I have selected a radio button named "Start Page at" then a fill in box, which I have populated with a "1", then under it, a radio button choice of "Section Prefix" for this example I will use the real name of one of the pages in ID, it is called "Abilene".

In the exported PDF called "ALCLineDrawings110312.pdf" the first page is named "Abilene1" the next pages are called "Addison1", "Albany1" and on thru the alphabet until the 229th page, all with different style names, We are a Leather Furniture Manufacturer these are our style line drawings.

When I extract the 229 pages to a new folder I want the new individual file names to retain those names given by ID with .pdf afterwards example Abilene1.pdf, these are then uploaded to our website.

I read some things that can be done thru Acrobat javascript, however I know very little in that area, and would have to have a step-by-step on how to do, install, and execute something like that.

I was hoping that someone could tell me a setting that does that automatically from within AcrobatX.

Anthony Manrique

2 Answers

I don't think there's any setting that will automatically do that for you, but it is possible to do so with a script.
If you're interested, this is something I can do for you, but I'll need to see a sample file. You can contact me privately (see below) to discuss it further.

Visit my custom-made PDF scripts website: http://try67.blogspot.com
Contact me personally: try6767@gmail.com

Gilad D (try67)   

You will need scripting to accomplish what you want.
Be well...

David Austin   

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