Extra space between characters when converting justified Word document to PDF

When I convert a justified Word document to PDF, additional space appears between characters (not just between words) causing words to be fragmented (so, the word "determined" will look like "d eterm ined).

Is there a setting I need to change to stop this occurring?


Alison Lane

3 Answers

I would think that the problem may be related to the typeface you're using. Try changing the font on one page and save to pdf and see if that might clear up the problem. I've printed hundreds, if not thousands, of pages from Word with justified paragraphs and have never seen that problem occur.

Just a thought,


Clinton Dyches   

Thanks Clinton.

I actually think I may have found the answer by playing with the preferences.

I had to change the preference for converting Word format documents to Retain Page Layout under Layout Settings. It was set to Retain Flowing Text. As soon as I made the change I'm not having the problem any more.

Alison Lane   

I have the same problem as yours and could not find the layout options you have mentioned in the answer any where in the Word interface.

I may be missing something. Can you please help?

Sanjeev Krishna   

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