Exporting to pfd via Open Office may cause font embed issues

In replying to a question I'd asked on 1/7/13, you said:

As .odt files are OpenOffice, why not use the direct PDF export from OpenOffice (which does create very good-quality PDFs).

... I have now been told by an Adobe tech support guy that it is not recommended to use Open Office 'Export to pdf' because it may not embed the fonts properly, so if you then edit the text in Acrobat you print back junk. Recommended is to use Print > Save as pdf dialogue which guarantees the Acrobat plug-in is the one fired to create the pdf.

Do you concur, or do you think the origin of my font/identity-h problems may be elsewhere?


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Note that this question has been posted in public; the only difference between a general question and a question directed at a specific person is that in the second case, the specific person gets a notification.

I did add an answer in the comment of the original question (http://answers.acrobatusers.com/Distiller-won-distill-throws-undefined-error-Is-issue-odt-files-q97857.aspx), but repeat it here (for the records).

I would take this answer by the tech support person with a (big) grain of salt; it is partly propaganda.

However, I have so far not had any problem with the files I created from OpenOffice. Of course, that does not mean anything, and YMMV. The question is, also, when and if at all, do you want to edit the PDF you create. The libraries used by OpenOffice is well reputed, and it is used by many applications, also in the prepress field.

You might look around in the OpenOffice support forums etc. to find out more about font embedding issues.

Also, as seen in the previous comment, fattening up and knocking over text to make them bold or italic is not really good practice. It would be preferrable to create character formats which use the correct font.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss

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