Exporting Quark to PDF

Can Acrobat PDF preserve layout and format of Quark Express files? If so what settings ensure this? Duncan

John Duncan

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Typically, PDF output from QuarkExpress is via internal (non-Adobe) processes.

Alternatively a *.ps could be made that is processed by Adobe Distiller (installed with Acrobat) to output the PDF or print the QuarkExpress file using the Adobe PDF virtual printer.
The output PDF from either will reflect the "input".
With that said the Quark Support Knowledgebase does caution that, when using Distiller,

"...there are settings in Acrobat Distiller that can override settings you have made in QuarkXPress. If you want your QuarkXPress settings retained in the generated PDF, you need to configure the Distiller settings to do so. See Adobe's documentation for Acrobat Distiller for more information."

For specifics related to use of QuarkExpress to output PDF a useful resource is the Quark Support Knowledge base.

and the application's Help.

David Austin   

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