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How do I get the page numbers in an Excel workbook with multiple sheets with multiple pages to print in order?


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Kathleen, what order are you seeing? The usual process is to set up a header or footer in Excel with page numbers and control it there. In Excel 2010, go to File > Print and choose "Print Setup."

In the Print Setup dialog, go to the "Header/Footer" tab and configure a header or footer that includes page numbers. Then, if necessary for large sheets consisting of multiple pages, visit the "Sheet" tab to set the page order as "Down then Over," or "Over then Down."

Once this is set up, make sure the Settings are set to "Print Entire Workbook" and look at the Print Preview section to verify that the pages are configured and numbered the way you'd like. Older versions of Excel have the same settings, but the menu choices to reach them are slightly different.

Once the print preview looks correct, all this should carry through to the PDF just fine.

I hope this helps!


Michael Hoffman   

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