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Error Message: "This file can't be previewed because of an error in the PDF Preview Handler"

Error Message: "This file can't be previewed because of an error in the PDF Preview Handler"

How do I fix the problem.

I have Adobe Acrobat XPro

Steve Meyer 1114 days ago

1 Answer

In addition to your MVP status, you've become eligible to become an Acrobat User Community expert. To become an expert, you must be approved by our Acrobat User Community selection team comprised of community managers and Adobe employees. Once you've been approved as an expert, you will receive a badge on your profile with the level EXPERT next to your name and become eligible to be nominated to the <a href="">Adobe Community Professional Program</a>.
Someone will contact you soon regarding the community Expert program.

Based on a google search and I think dumb luck, this website talks about the issue and goes through a lot of information abotu the problem and how to fix it.

Of course, the popular solution I have telling people is to uninstall, run adobe cleaner, download a fresh copy of the program and reisntall.

Both are viable options in helping you out.

Michael Anderson answered 1080 days ago  |   Comments (0)  |  New Comment


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