Error: Expected a Dict Object

Attempting to insert pages into a rather large PDF (300+ Pages), recieve error message stating, "Expected a Dict Object".

Austin Link

3 Answers

The only thing I can find is to disable Allow Fast View Edit > Prefrences > Internet. Though I find it interesting that this would pop up in Acrobat when inserting a page since the problem seems more Reader related. I would speculate that it is the size of the document that is causing this error to happen.

Michael Anderson   

Acrobat is reporting this error because there is an internal error in your PDF. It has nothing the do with the size of your PDF. The error not big enough for Acrobat to choke and die, but inserting a page is a delicate operation where all the small details have to be in the right place. Was this PDF created with Acrobat, or a 3rd Party tool? Many 3rd Party tools do not create well formed PDFs. Has the PDF been through a lot of modifications? Acrobat can sometimes mess up the PDF Inernally if a lot of modifications have been made.

I would suggest first performing a "SaveAs" on the PDF. If this doesn't work, then run the optimizer on it.

Thom Parker
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Thom Parker   

I received this error when only trying to combine/ insert a few pages. 1/5 of the pages had successfully combined with the primary page. I realized that I had saved this differently than the other from the Property Mgmt System we use; rather than use the Save icon, I had used the Print>Save as PDF (selected as printer) method. I did this for the other pages and was able to successfully avoid further error messages. I did note, however, that if I tried to replace the current files (rather than print/save as a new file) it gave me the error again. Cheers.

Shawna Lotzer   

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