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When I try to 'enable a PDF for commenting' in Acrobat X, via the function 'save as' - 'Reader Extended PDF', I only have one further option, i.e.: 'Enable Forms fill-in and save in Adobe Reader'. When I select this option, a message pops up, telling me that
'Only the following features will become available for this document when opened in the free Adobe Reader: ‘Save form data (for a fillable PDF form only).'

Indeed, once opened in Adobe Reader, the function ‘comment & markup’ is not available for reviewers in Adobe Reader.

Can anyone clarify what is going wrong, and how we can enable the commenting & markup tool?

Thank you!

frauke valcke

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Hi Frauke,

Is this a LiveCycle Designer PDF form? If yes, that is why the Commenting tools are not available. LiveCycle forms are a different anmial from AcroForms ( created only in Acrobat)- they are XML based. The two different forms technologies, while both PDFs, are not totally compatible/interchangeable.

If it is a static LiveCycle Designer PDF form, then you can convert it to an AcroForm by opening it in Acrobat, go to the Document menu and choose Extract Pages ( if Extract Pages is greyed out then you likely have a Dynamic PDF form so this wont work. Doing this will wipe out any scripts and fields but if this is for a design review of the look and layout then maybe this strategy could work for you.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

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