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How do I edit text which has been added to a pdf. This is a print where a text box has been added and the text is too small. I saw from a previous post to just use the text properties but I cannot find such in my Acobe Acrobat X Pro. I can highlight the text, but unable to edit it. Any help to completion of this task would be appreciated.

Gary Bankston

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hi-lite text in text box and hit ctrl+e

By Reid Bogert   

Your are talking about a field added by the tools in the "Tools => Forms" and not from the "Comments"?

You need to look at the tutorials on this site.

George Kaiser   

You have to add form fields not annotations or comments.

George Kaiser   

If you did not create the form field or received the form from someone, you must check the security settings.
Here's how: clickProperties.
Make sure there are no restrictions to prevent you from editing the form field.

If all is well, on the right side of the screen click the Form tab.

Select the text field and make adjustments to the font and size.

Eugene Williams   

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