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How do I edit an Existing PDF File, and if there is not a way to do it in the Adodbe X pro what do i need to export the file to and how do I do that?

Jenna Peters

2 Answers

The best way is to edit the source document and convert that edited document to the PDF format.

Adobe has have very limited editor, it is called the "Touchup Tool".

Edit PDF Documents Part One: How to use Adobe Acrobat to edit a PDF file

With Adobe CS:

How to Edit PDF Documents Part Two: Using Adobe Creative Suite to edit a PDF file

George Kaiser   

Acrobat Pro (8, 9, X) can perform a File > Save As or Export to supported file formats.
The output quality (format/layout) is better if the PDF is a Tagged PDF.

More export information is available at:

David Austin   

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