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I have a graph page on my pdf inspection report. How do I draw an image on it?

Bret b

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Since you did not create the PDF, you will have to contact the person who did to see if they will provide you a copy that allows commenting. If the document is secured in a way the doesn't allow commenting, you won't be able to change that, unless you're provided the password.

By George Johnson   

You can use the Pencil markup tool. If it needs to work with Reader, the document has to be Reader-enabled.

George Johnson   

the mark up tools dont even show up in the menu. The pdf form i am using must have some security or something restricted or not enabled. I may have to take this for to someone and have them re create it in a format i can get the mark up tools to show up. Currently there are highlighted fields where I can enter text only. I dont know how to do it myself. I downloaded the evaluation free addition to find out if it will do what I need it to do and so far I get no help from adobe. I offred to pay for phone support and they wont do it..

Bret b   

You can see the restrictions of your form in the Security tab of the Document Properties dialog
Go to "File > Properties..." or press "Ctrl + D"..

If the form is an AcroForm (made with Acrobat) all options could be allowed.
In XFA forms (made with LiveCycle Designer) a few options such as Changing the Document, Commenting, Page Extraction or Creation of Templates are always "Not allowed" by default because of the internal structure of those forms.

Marcus Radzuweit   

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