Distiller error: warning postscipt error.

I installed Acrobat XI on my Mac OS 10.7.5. Distiller will not create PDF. I get this:

%%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: PK ]%%
%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%
Distill Time: 2 seconds (00:00:02)
**** End of Job ****

Result is I cannot use Distiller to make PDF. Which is exactly what I need Acroabt XI to do. Any help or advice very welcome.

Oliver St John

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Thats super, as you found out, you can still print a file to your printers specification using the Print Command.

This is the only way you can do it, and this is a reliable way of creating a print ready file.
Unfortunately, the Mac doesn't support PDFMaker, so you have to use the print command. But you can still create PDFs on a mac from Word but just not using the PDFMaker.
Really glad you have created your file, the last thing I would recommend, is opening up 'Preflight' in Acrobat, from the Print production tool bar on the right, and run one of the built in check to check that your file is completely compliant. Since you mentioned version 1.3. I am assuming you are using a variation of PDF/X1-a and not PDF/X4 as this supports 1.4. So in Preflight, (under PDF/X compliance) double click the Verfiy compliance with PDF/X-1a, just be doubly sure

By Sean Mitchell   


What kind of files are you running through distiller? And what job settings have you chosen in Distiller.

It could be a number of reasons, one could be a problem with fonts failing to embed properly, resulting in flushing the job

Sean Mitchell   

Thanks for replying. I am converting a book in Word doc.x to PDF. I have tried using various job options but it does not seem to matter, none of them work.

Could it be that I installed a set of joboptions after installing Acrobat and this has caused the whole Distiller to fail? I get this error on the log as well:

Error in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/AdobePDF/Settings/PDFX4 2008.joboptions:

/CheckCompliance out of range

Acrobat will create a PDF, but not with Distiller, and I need to use the Distiller to create PDF for my books. Should I try reinstalling Acrobat XI? I am running the Trial version and I don't know if I can reinstall it.

Oliver St John   

There should be no need to reinstall, and you could run into problems if you do since its trial version.
Have you tried creating a simple file, just one page with a few words, and possibly an image and see if that passes Distiller. Be sure to try High-Quality print as this doesnt flush the job if a font fails to embed.

What is the main reason for you using Distiller? I noticed your settings you were trying to create PDF/X4 compliant files. You will get better results if you let Acrobat convert the file, then use Acrobats Preflight panel (using the Standards wizard) to convert it to a PDF/X4 compliant file.

Alternatively, you could let Word create the PDF, since you have installed Acrobat, you should have a plugin installed in Word, letting you create a clean PDF using PDFMaker. (This is for PCs tho)

Sean Mitchell   

Just thought, are you trying to run the original word doc through distiller (for example myWordDoc.docx) as this will fail Distiller as its not a supported file type, to run it through Distiller you would need to print the file as a postscript file in Word.

Sean Mitchell   

Many thanks for that - ok, I'm using Distiller because my printer/distributer for books, Lulu, requires that the PDF be made with Acrobat according to their own parameters (including compatibility with 1.3). They have their own set of job options. Otherwise I can customise the "press quality" setting, because I am creating PDF of books that will go through a retail/distribution chain. It's important for me to find out if Adobe can do this for me on my OS X.

But this is really weird! I am doing this on a Mac and I know that creating PDF with Word is supposed to be PC only, no good for me. But I have just done a test with a small document of 3 pages, as you suggested, and when going to "Print" in Word, Word gives me the option to create an Adobe PDF. When I choose this, I can use my preferred job option as well! So I have tried doing the whole book like this and as so far as I can tell from a quick scan (the book is about 150 pages) it looks perfect - all the fonts, images etc.

So do I have a solution? Looks like it. Though I'm completly baffled as to how this can work on my Mac.

Oliver St John   

Thank you so much! I was beginning to think I would never do this, I was going round in circles. I have copied out everything you said about using the preflight in Acrobat so I can check this.

Joy! :-)

Oliver St John   

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