Digital signatures in office lost after conversion to PDF

Last time I tried to convert digitaly signed Office 10 word document to PDF, digital signature was lost. Can this be done?
If not, it limits the usability of PDF as a format for office documents distribution.
Signing PDF is not desirable in this scenario, since it can be done in word, and word is a 'original' document, not a PDF.

Elis Missoni

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If you need PDFs with a digital signature you'd add that to the PDF.
A digital signature is not intended to be "transfered" as you've described.

By David Austin   

So, if you have digitaly signed Office 10 Word document, PDF and PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2 are definitely not to be used as formats for distribution, publishing and long term storage because they do not preserve original advanced digital signature, and Office 10 .docx format, that is digitaly signed according to ETSI XAdES-A profile, is the best way to ensure authenticity, integrity and long term archival.

Elis Missoni   

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