Digital signature for the author of a document

I need guidance as to setting up a digital signature line as the "author" of a professional services document that will go to multiple clients. Every thing I can find refers to "signing" the document.

Michael Moffitt

2 Answers

To add a digital signature to a PDF or signature form field, you need to create an Adobe digital certificate and make it available as a the public certificate or on an accessible server so others can verify your digital signature. Your signature in the form field can include an image of your signature.

If you just want facsimile signature like a rubber stamp which might not be legally binding.

More information can be found under digital signatures in Acrobat help.

George Kaiser   

Client doing the digital 'sign' means that they'll need to have a digital certificate.
For some work flows an Acrobat Self-sign can be adequate.
For others that have greater rigor a 3rd party digital certificate is needed.
You may want to give Adobe's EchoSign a look-see.
The process used provides a "fully" legal digital signature.

David Austin   

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