Digital Signatures v 9 vs. v 7

I work with forms created in version 7 and signed with my digital signature. I've updated to version 9, and now I cannot re-use the same forms and re-sign with my digital signature. How do I deleted the signature field in v. 9 so I can re-use and re-sign the form? Or, how do I get v. 9 to recognize my signature on the old v. 7 document?

M. Rowe

1 Answer

To delete the old signature field is the easy part. (I take it you are using the Pro Version?) As long as nothing is signed, no security or reader rights, you can choose the select object tool in Advanced Editing to select it and delete it.

You can use the same signature ID but you need to import the .p12 file from Acrobat 7 into 9. On the Mac its location is something similar to this Library:Application Support:Adobe:Acrobat:9.0_x86:Security:

Sean Mitchell   

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