DIgitally Sign multiple PDF documents at once

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We need to send out 400 digitally signed documents. We have the documents created through the Mail Merge feature in Word 2010 and convert it in PDF and then we would need to digitaly sign all of the documents with the same certificate.

Is that possibile in Acrobat X or do we need third party solutions? IF so which ones are best/recommended?

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I'm afraid this is not possible using Acrobats interface. You would be able to this via javascript but that would be quite in depth.

The only other third party solution that i know which is good is EchoSign but i dont thing that allows batch signing but its worth a look.

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Sean Mitchell   

PDF-Xchange Tools will allow batch processing of multiple documents and doesn't require any scripting.

Stephen Lew   

I wrote a script, and posted it here:

The script is called for each file on batch processing, in "action wizard". A visible signature field is added above the last ocurrence of signer's complete name, or at end of the document, if the name was not found. Also, a visible annotation is added on the remaining pages, as a footer.

Maciel Sparrenberger   

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