Creation of a custom dynamic stamp (With date) in Acrobat 9 (Windows 7)

Good morning,

I am trying to create a custom dynamic stamp in Acrobat 9, windows 7.

What I did so far is the following;

1-Created my custom form in PDF (A name, title and signature) which works fine when I add it in my stamps.
2-Opened dynamic.pdf, copied the dynamic field of the first form (Revised) and copied it in my custom form (the signature).
3-I see the date and time on my new customer stamp (The signature). When I right click on the dynamic form field from my custom stamp (The signature) and go to to calculate tab, in the last radio button, I have the following formula :

event.value = (new Date()).toString();
AFDate_FormatEx("h:MM tt, mmm dd, yyyy");

I save my new custom stamp (Signature).

I close it. Then I open acrobat and add the new "Dynamic" custom stamp I created (The signature)from manage stamps.

I then try to add my stamp to the PDF document I opened. I see the stamp with the name, title and signature, plus the date is there, but it's the date and time from when I copied it in my custom stamp in the first place. The time never changes.

If I go back in the stamp, go to forms and add or edit fields, the formula is still there... but the time won't change.

I have checked similar posts (Only one actually) and the link in the post is broken.

Help please...

Francois Gingras

3 Answers

What is the name of the stamp? To find out, open the stamp PDF and select "Advanced > Document Processing > Page Templates"

The stamp name is the name of the page template. For a dynamic stamp, the very first character needs to be the "#" character.

George Johnson   

Check out this reply from another expert:

Eugene Williams   


I have added the #, what I wrote was #test=signature. I saved and still the same issue. The time won't increment.

Do I need to import it somewhere? Does the # name need to be the same as the PDF file template?

Francois Gingras   

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