Create Page Flip Effect without Flash

Is there a way to create the Page Flip effect without having to embed Flash SWF files??? HTML5 would be preferrable.... Thanks

Jeff Olson

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Sure, you can butcher down your PDF and recreate something in HTML 5, just for eye candy. There are services which are doing this already.

Max Wyss.

By Max Wyss   

I know its just 'eye candy' but thats what they want ;-\

I have found services to create online versions in html5, but have not tracked down one that actually embeds the effect inside of a pdf file itself without relying on the online version....

Jeff Olson   

You can't embed HTML5 functions in a PDF. If you want to do it then you need to convert the file to another format or use some external technology. It's not possible with just the core PDF specifications.


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Gilad D (try67)   

If your using a Mac The is an application Out That uses PDF's exclusively to create Flip Books similar to those created by a Company BlueToad Service.

Name of the Software is 1stFlip Flipbook Creator

Phillip Jones   

Step 1 - Export the PDF page content.

--| textual content to TXT, RTF, DOC, or DOCX
--| image/graphic content to PNG, JPEG, JPEC2000, or TIFF

Step 2 - Reassemble and cleanup content in desired authoring application.

Step 3 - Transfer results of Step 2 to HTML 5. (this may require additional authoring software that supports HTML 5 output)


Be well...

David Austin   

Use InDesign "Publish Online" ( for cloudhostedt ebooks or other publications with flip effect or just use the wide range of online flipbook software that create html5 flipbooks from your PDF-file (single page PDF file is neccessary!) like (two channels free of charge, wordpress plugin, etc.)

Claudia Krempler   

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