Converting from word 2010 to pdf acrobat pro ver 9

An index is generated in word 2010 with two or three levels. Wuen converted to PDF just show the level 1. What we need to do, is to read the file word with word 2003 rewrite, and now to convert to pdf.


2 Answers

The PDFmaker plugins of Acrobat 9 is not compatible with Office 2010, so you would not be able to save the pdf from word or create the pdf file from within the acrobat.
The Only way to create the PDF files from Office 2010 using Acrobat 9 is to print to pdf.
Check whether that works for you or not.

veer singh   

Thank you Sing by your information. I convert from word 2010 tp PDF with Acrobat ver X, and it works. So what you say is correct although what we will do is to migrate to the new version.


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