Converting from word 2010 to PDF

Excuse me Dimitri. Why in word 2003 do not have to do nothing and the titles and subtitles are correctly converted to pdf, and if I use word 2010 do not did the same? Just put the titles. Is something that is neccesary to chech in word 2010?
What they do is to rewrite the file from word 2010 to word 2003 and then convert.

I am in different city from where is the pc, and also they need to open a space of time, so I can test with some delay to communicate the results.


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First, what do you mean titles and subtitiles are properly converted? What do you expect to happen? What version of Acrobat are you using? What method are you using to convert to pdf. Print to pdf does not preserve any metadata and will not create links and bookmarks. Using the Acrobat toolbar or Ribbon will. Older versions of Acrobat will support newer versions of Word for conversion by the Acrobat toolbar. Newer versions of Acrobat will not support older versions of Word.

Michael Kazlow   

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