Converting scanned paper reports to PDF/A - 1b format.

These are scanned pages of reports from the early 1900s. Using Pre-flight each file throws up a different set of errors. I am focusing on language, tag and reading order - and turning all non-text to background images, as they are either paper textures or ink smudges picked up the scanning process. It's a slow and dispiriting process. Any tips for how to tackle the job practically?

Floo Krov

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By the nature of this work, some things will just need to be done manually. Are you using Acrobat X or XI Pro?
In version XI there is a new Action called Make Accessible that might help. It does the following:
1. Add Document Description
2. Set Open Options
3. Recognize Text using OCR
4. Detect Form Fields
5. Set Tab Order Property
6. Set Reading Language
7. Add tags to Document
8. Set Alternate Text
9. Run Accessibility Full Check

By Lori Kassuba   

Is your goal to make the PDFs both PDF/A-1b compliant and accessible?

Lori Kassuba   

Yes, please.

Floo Krov   

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