Convert a .pdf in Russian/Cryllic to a Word file for editing/translation in English?

I would like to convert .pdf files originally written in Russian/Cryllic alphabet to a Word file so that I can then edit any errors in the export and subsequently translate the article in to English.

If it helps, I currently have Adobe Reader X, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Microsoft Word software programs on my computer. I also have a scanner/printer (Brother Brand, Model MFC-7140).


Chuck Blend

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You can't do that just with Reader. Either you need Acrobat for pdf to docx conversion, or you need to subscribe for exportPdf at

By rounak bhansali   

Rounak: I am aware that Adobe Export can convert a .pdf to Word file and also the website you suggested; however, the languages supported by Adobe Export do not include Russian ( - only English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese - that is what worries me.

Does Adobe Acrobat have OCR for Russian/Cryllic? Getting the .pdf to Word I understand now - my concern is the program's ability to read and export the Russian alphabet symbols, which look quite different from Arabic letters and can end up looking like gibberish in the Word export.

Chuck Blend   

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