Comment Icon Blocks Text Above Highlight

Is it possible to move the little icon that appears above a highlight with a comment? I created a .pdf from an accounting software, and when I put a comment in a highlight, the message icon appears on the left of the highlight and blocks the text above the highlight. I need to move the message icon to the right of the highlight field.

Interestingly enough, when I create the .pdf using Adobe Pro 9 and put a comment on a highlight, the message icon is on the right.

I've tried to change the preference to disable the text indicator; however, I loose the hover over message display feature. I've tried to change the preference to enable the popup for mouse rollover. Changing the preferences fixes the problem; however, the changes can't be saved.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

Sherry Hiltbrunner

2 Answers

Move your mouse over the icon, hold down the left mouse button and drag the icon as needed.

If you do not need to show the comment pop-up, you can minimize the pop-up like any window. You can also adjust the size of the op-up by using the lower right corner of the pop-up.

George Kaiser   

I believe that the two Commenting Preferences you want ticked are:
--| "Create new pop-ups aligned to the edge of the document"
--| "Automatically open pop-ups on mouse rollover"

After entering text into a pop-up close the pop-up; now, when viewing (with the the two options mentioned above ticked) the pop-ups are not opened and intrusively placed. When you mouse over a Highlight annotation the associated pop-up displays at the right of the page.
When you move the mouse cursor out of the Highlight annotation the pop-up closes.

As changes to Acrobat's Preferences are meant to be "sticky" to the application if they are not retained you may want to consider performing a "Repair" (under Help).

Note: The annotation icon left by Sticky Note or Highlight cannot be resized by the user.

David Austin   

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