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User cannot remove their signature, option is greyed out. The original PC the user created the document and signature on was was reimaged, i.e., the OS and Adobe Std XI ware reinstalled. The original Signature/Certificate was not backed up. What options are there to allow this document to be edited by others?

MIchael Rhea

1 Answer

A user can only clear a signature that was applied by that user. Because Acrobat on this re-imaged system does no longer know that the old user is also the new user, that option is grayed out. Unfortunately, there are not too many options you have at this point.

As a user with a subscription, you can download a signature stripper plug-in from - if you do have a subscription, log in and then use this link: - if you don't, a subscription is unfortunately not free.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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