Checkboxes/ Radio Buttons to allow multiple selections, but if "other" is checked,..

I need help doing the folloiwng: I am creating a form in Livecycle Designer and I have a section in the form where I users should be able to select all that apply, but if they select "Unknown", then none of the other boxes in that section should be able to be selected - and vice versa.
Affected Product Type: - boxes - glasses - bottles - paper - unknown

The user should be able to select all of the types that apply, and if any of the product types are selected, then unknown will be unchecked, but if "unknown" is checked, then none of the other types will be selected.

Can someone explain the best way to do this?

deb strouf

1 Answer

You need to use check boxes, and then place scripts on the click events of all the check boxes to control the action.

The unknown button turns the others off.

cbBoxes.rawValue = 0;
cbGlass.rawValue = 0;
cbBottle.rawValue = 0;
cbPaper.rawValue = 0;

All the other buttons turn Unknown off

cbUnknown.rawValue = 0;

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