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I am attempting to re-use a custom dynamic stamp. Rather than recreate the wheel, I would like to reuse an existing stamp and simply change the labels. Can I change the internal name that acrobat has assigned my stamp? I found this in a tutorial on this site: "Acrobat gives the stamp a unique internal name you don't see. This name is a string of very cryptic looking letters and numbers and it is always prefixed with a "#" symbol. This is the name you need for your stamp script."

Amy Plamann

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Yes, you can change it: Open up your stamp file and select Tools>Document Processing>Page Templates.

Here you can assign a new name to an existing page template. How this is done is not very intuitive, so here are the instructions:

  • Select your stamp page template and click on the "Go To" button
  • Change the name in the Name: field
  • Click on the "Add" button

This will bring up a dialog that asks if you want to change the name of the existing template.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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By Karl Heinz Kremer   

Stamps need to have a unique internal name. The internal name of the stamp is the "template" name of the stamp.

I would make a copy of the provided stamp file and then remove the unwanted stamps and rename the stamp's template name. The name must be unique. Duplicate stamp names cause issues with accessing a stamp.

George Kaiser   

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