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when I used the wizard to create form fields, it made some wrong matches. So there some circles (from InDesign) became checkboxes instead of radio buttons. Is there any way to change the type afterwards?
I could delete the fields and create new, of course. But the fields, the wizard creates, look better than mine. They are transparent and you can see the circle from InDesign. My buttons have some Windows-2000-GUI-style (this 3D-shadow-effect). Additionally, there are many field I would have to change and arrange them precisely.

Thanks a lot.

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2 Answers

There isn't a built-in way to change the field type of a form field, except for manually deleting the field and creating a new one in its place.

However, I have created a tool that can do that for you. It preserves properties such as fill color, border color, etc., but you will lose any validation/format/calcluation settings that are associated with the fields you convert using it.
If you're interested, have a look here for more info about this script:

Gilad D (try67)   

Thanks, but I have seen your tool before. Unfortunately, it changes all fields but I do want to change some particular ones. Moreover, this is not critical as I can make the form manually. So 50€ are quite much for an unique personal use ...

Xxx Xxx   

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