Change the email recipient based on the value of a drop down list value

I would like to have a form submitted via email to a recipient based on what district they are from. For example, if they choose district 30 from a drop down list, and then they submit the form, I want the form to be sent to that district's contact. If they select district 1, I would like it emailed to district 1's contact. Is there a way to chagne the email recipient (when submitting the completed form) depending on what district they choose? I am using Acrobat Pro. Thank you!

Karen Nathe

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Yes, by using the mailDoc() function instead of the default form submit methods. See this post for a typical example script (in your case you could look up the email addresses from an array, based on the selected value of your dropdown list).

By Dave Merchant   


we have a nice tutorial for this purpose.
It also includes sample forms you can start with.

Marcus Radzuweit   

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