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Is it possible to change the highlight color? On some of my forms I would like a different color. Also, I would like the color to appear regardless if the highlight text box is activated and not appear when a document prints.


Tonya Chartrand

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Hi Tonya,

To change the color of the highlight tool, hightlight some text then right click on it and select Properties from the context menu. There you can select a different color. Once selected you can make that color the default by again right clicking on the highlight and choosing "Make Current Properties Default" in the context menu. Once you highlight the text it should stick with out the need for the highlight tool being activated. To not print the higlhlighted text, in the Print dialog ( FIle->Print) under the option "Comments and Forms' select "Document" only.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

By Dimitri Munkirs   

You can use this code

var f = this.getField("myField");
if (color.equal(f.fillColor,
f.fillColor =;
f.fillColor = color.yellow;

To change the color of various textfield into the pdf forms.

Arvind Kumar   

What do you mean exactly by "highlight color"? If you're talking about the color of the selected text inside a text field, then no, you can't change it.

Gilad D (try67)   

Helpful hint: Comand + E (on a Mac) will bring up a toolbar where you can easily change the color!

Hunter Ratliff   

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