Cannot open a PDF file, keep getting "There was an error opening this document. Access was denied"

Every time I receive a PDF file the only way I can open it is to go to Preview first. I have just published a drawing to send to my colleague but when I try to opoen it all I get is "There was an error opening this document. Access was Denied" How come? I have just created it???

Help please.

Ron Binmore

Ron Binmore

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Hi Ron,

You don't say what version of Acrobat you are using, but if it's X try going to Edit- > Preferences-> General and deselecting "Enable Protected Mode At Startup." Close and restart Acrobat.

Hope this helps,

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By Dimitri Munkirs   


Having unchecked the protection box, all is well. Thank you very much for your help.

Ron Binmore   

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