Can't save after edits in Acrobat 10. "File may be read-only or another user may have it open"

After making edits and trying to save I get the message "The document could not be saved. The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open. Please save the document with a differnet name or in a differnet folder." If I close the original folder before clicking save it allows saving with 1 click as normal. If I edit a pdf that is on may desktop it is normal. It is also normal on may work computer running win 7 with acrobat 9. Can anyone help with this?

Ronald Smith

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Try making sure that the Preview pane is turned off in the Windows dialog.

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By Lori Kassuba   

What point update of Acrobat X are you running? The issue may be related to Protected View - try unchecking the following Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) uncheck "Off" for Protected View temporarily. If this corrects the problem them you'll need add the folder path to your files to the Prividledged Locations and turn Protected View back on. You don't want to leave your system vulnerable to potential security issues.

Lori Kassuba   

I tried it and it didnt work. Tried Edit/Preferances/Security(Enhanced) unchecked Enable Enhanced Security.

Still cannot save a PDF that I have added a page to or edited in any way. Even if while in a document I unselect the PDF in the folder it is in.

Every other function of my new computer is working great. I have tried to uninstall Acrobat 10 a few times and no help. I think it is some little setting like you suggested but I dont know what to do. I work with a lot of PDFs for my construction business and need to be able to edit like adding pages or cropping or rotating etc etc. Whenever I do any of these things i cannot save without closing the folder it is in.

They save just fine when i close the folder it is in. It is a big waste of time for me. At my office i dont have this problem and I do the same thing often every day. It is a 32 bit machine and this computer is a 64 bit machine. Not sure if that matters.

Please help.

Ronald Smith   

See if you have preview mode turned on in Windows Explorer. My user did and as soon as I turned that off, they were able to write to the files again.

I wrote a quick blog fix on it:


Lee Pryor   

the problem is the window preview open
but i think is a acrobat x bug
please fix it or give us a triks

davide trovati   

Just as an update to the problem - it is still not working as desired even with newest updates. All other microsoft programs function as we like. We do not have to turn off pane preview to save them if the folder is still open. When Acrobat Techs called me back a few time after trying to get help they said it was not possible in Windows since not a microsoft program.

Ronald Smith   

What a joke. I can't save chnages to a document if the folder is open or if preview is turned on? Most of the internet says this is due to "Enhanced Security" in Acrobat. I have been struggling with this for a month trying to turn off enhanced security and trying to change permissions on the documents. Adobe's online help is useless. I guess Adobe doesn't think people need to save their work.

Joe Emanuele   

This is by far the most annoying problem I encountered at work! The preview pane is very usefulI but when it comes to work with PDF files, it is a nightmare. The problem occurs when the preview pane is open; every body knows this, the experts at Microsoft and Adobe know it but not a single one of them has the knowledge or the ability to fix that problem.

Windows 7 work like a charm but when it comes to edit PDF, I miss my old Windows XP.

Ian Boyd   

Acrobat XI Pro has a similar "feature" in that it may the document could not be saved. In Acrobat X using the preview pane caused this; in XI Pro the cause is caused by "read mode". Its icon is in the same spot; upper right corner and looks like two diagonal arrows.

If the read mode is used (or preview pane), the document can still be saved by closing its enclosing folder. (A nuisance - seems easier to click closed the read mode.

I agree with others that Adobe is a bit strange to implement this with no warning. At least "read mode" is sorta descriptive.

Forrest Meiere   

A similar 'file locked' bug occured on my system - and I agree - it is an absolute pain!

This happened when merely MOVING a recently edited PDF, whilst using Cut and Paste in Explorer.

I had closed the PDF file (after saving it OK - see bug chat elsewhere here), but Explorer / Win7 said "in use by another user" or similar.

I closed the Explorer instance showing the source folder (note: Preview pane was enabled).

Then hit RETRY on the File Move dlg box...

Explorer / Win7 complained again - "file in use by *Acrobat" (*different from first attempt!)

Had to Close Acrobat entirely to complete the file MOVE!

So this is definately a BUG! Though it could be a Microsoft issue (or both?) as I do get this problem on occassions - when NOT using Acrobat!

Using: Win7 64bit, Acrobat X (10.1.8) etc.

Lee Russell   

As davide traviti said. Just disable the preview pane in windows explorer and acrobat should save as normal.

Luke Shaw   

This is an on and off issue for myself. Turning the preview pane on and off doesn't always seem to work. Ift seems a bit more complicated.

You can save edits if the preview pane is on, but you don't have the file "hi-lighted" or previewed in Explorer when you to the save.

Once you have "previewed" the file in explorer you will get the "read-only" error. Un previewing the file in explorer doesn't help at this point. You have to select a different file in explorer (so you aren't previewing the file you are trying to save) AND you have to turn off pre-view in explorer.

Windos 7 Pro 32 bit Acrobat Pro 11.0.06

J Bower   

Same problem here, disabled security thing as well. Reader XI version
getting the message:

"The document could not be saved. The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open. Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder."

Windows 8 64 bit.

what preview pane are you talking about?

this started happenning - TODAY, so wierd. yesterday this did not happen as I daily update my file :(

asd as d asd asd   

This is the Windows Preview we're referring to as noted in this image.

enter image description here

Lori Kassuba   

Lori Kassuba isright! This suddenly started happening to me too, and it was driving me crazy.When I read Lori's answer, I realized the problem had started about the sametime as the preview pane had appeared without invitation (I must have turned iton by accident). The previewpane was just mildly irritating, so I had not done anythingabout it; but once I realized it could be the souce of my inability to writeback to files I edited with Acrobat X Pro I looked up how to turn it off -- andPRESTO!: after I turned the preview pane off everything was normal again: twobirds with one stone! Thank you Lori!

Robert Fisher   

I'm having the same problem with newly installed Acrobat XI. It seems to have no rhyme or reason -- no Preview Pane open or anything like that.

Kamran Grasselli   

Keep your folder(s) in Titles view or anyother view but Details View....see pic below. It did work for me after changing from Details view to Tittles view. I tried everything else that was said about this on previous blogs...nothing work. Cheers VJ ----->[ADMIN: snip]

Victor Salas   

I have the same problem!! I waste so much time every day just trying to save a document that I have edited. I have tried all the tricks they listed and nothignn worked.

Bo Winters   

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