Can files used with Adobe Acrobat 9 be used with Acrobat Standard X

Taking an Adobe Acrobat class using version 9. Will Acrobat standard X version work for my lessons that R based on Acrobat version 9?

Arnette Haywood

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The User interface was changed with version X, Portfolios and the navigation file has changed in version X.

What’s new (Acrobat X)

There are also some changes with JavaScript, especially the location of the user JavaScript files, that for a learner can be difficult to adjust for.

Acrobat 9 can work under Windows 7 but not with MS Office 2010 and with Windows 8 and MS Office 2013 being sold, make this version very limited to for use by new computer purchasers.

I am surprised that a class would be using such an old version. Acrobat W's life cycle product support will come to and end June 26, 2013.

By George Kaiser   

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