Can I have a web or cloudbased, multiple users (global) (MAC & PCusers) editing 1 pdf simultaneousl

I have a project (300+ page catalog) that needs updating. I would like to create a pdf of each section for the client(s) to mark edits. There will be multiple individuals for each section that will need to edit and review each others comments. Instead of working of of multiple pdfs per section, I would rather have all the edits in each section on 1 pdf. Is there a way I can post the pdf and have them work off a universal pdf?

Tara Smith

3 Answers

No, only one person can edit a PDF at any given time. You could split up your document so that everybody has e.g. 10 pages to work with. After everybody is done, you would then combine the pages again into the final document.

Karl Heinz Kremer   


Old days of shared reviews are goneā€¦

JR Boulay   

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