Can I set page scale default

Is there a way to set your Page Scale default to NONE when creating a PDF, so the end user can print a PDF at 100% without making any adjustments to their print dialog? Can this be done as a preference vs individually?

Jenni Schliesman

2 Answers

For the most part the Print settings are on the user's system. They are controlled by the user, not the document. However, print settings can be defaulted from a script on the document (i.e. if there is a print button), and there are a few print settings that can be configured in the document. These are suggested settings for the print application, they are not guarenteed to work.

Look on the Advance tab of the Document Properties dialog. The dialog is displayed from the "File > Properties..." menu item. There is a setting for scale. But here aren't many choices.

Thom Parker   

It is a registry setting.

Set iprintScaling equal to 1. This results in the default being set to None. (version 10.1.5)

Curt Koch   

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