Can I run VB code from within a PDF document?

I would like to create a form with a custom calculator (not a simpele math calculator) which uses VB code code. Is this possible?

Lou Bonnett

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I don't want to say "not possible", but it comes close to that, and it would be rather complicated, particularly if the trigger would be part of the normal event processing sequence.

You might set up something with server support, maybe calling a service via SOAP, but then you may run into the Reader Enabling issues as well.

HOWEVER, it is absolutely not necessary to attempt to fiddle around with VB. I am not aware of anything possible with self-contained VB which would not be possible with (Acrobat) JavaScript. There may be limitations when it comes to accessing the file system, but that is IMHO good so, for safety and security reasons.

I am aware, that it is a question of existing experience; VB is known and familiar at your place; JavaScript may not be so. If needed, And it may be questionable if the efforts to acquire the JavaScript knowledge and experience for one single project.

Hope this can help.

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By Max Wyss   

Acrobat supports the use of Javacript with the use of forms (assuming of course that the user has not turned off Javascript).

Michael Kazlow   

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