Can I link a PDF file to a MS WORD document?

I have created a PDF file that references another document. However, the second document is in MS WORD and cannot be converted to PDF. Is it possible to create a hyperlink from the PDF to a MS Word document? Or can Adobe PDF only link to other PDF documents?

Please help. I need an answer to this ASAP.

mike gould

2 Answers


You can create a link in the PDF to the Word document stored on a LAN drive, web/sharepoint site, etc. Keep in mind that the link is absolute pathing - meaning it needs to be the same for all recipients.

An alternate method might be to embed the Word document inside the PDF with instructions in the PDF on how to get at it. The down-side to this method is that some security tools have alerts and blocks place one PDFs that contain embedded file attachments.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect situation.

Hope this helps.

Thanks - Doug

Douglas Hanna   

You can link to any file type, but not to a specific location in such a file. Before you can open such a file, Acrobat or Reader will ask for confirmation if you really want to open that file. Just create a link to a file and then navigate to your Word file.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

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